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Here are some URLs for lots of free stuff on the web. I'll be adding more, so come back soon! Not only software, but lot's more. Everything on this page is free!

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Screen Savers
Screen Savers Bonanza features more than 700 downloads organized by platform and category.(Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Mac, DOS, PowerPC, and Mac 68k)

Screen Savers A2Z spotlights the newest and most popular downloads. Choose your platform, then browse an alphabetical list. Each breif description includes download size. preselects the screen savers for it's site on the basis of strict criteria, such as production values, artwork, sound effects and programming. Each entry provides a lengthy description and thumbnail graphics.

Screen Saver Enhancer This mini-program enhances the functionality of screen savers in all Windows versions. Screen Saver Enhancer's primary job is to force the screen saver to start or shut off whenever the user desires. These functions are available through a menu, by mouse position, or even a hotkey combination.In addition to starting the screen saver at any time, you can have Enhancer run your screen saver immediately upon Windows startup. The abaility to turn off the screen saver can be especially useful during downloads, when a screen saver popping up can corrupt files being transferred.

CoolTalk Netscapes Internet telephone and communications tool.It provides fair-quality audio conferencing , a whiteboard on which both you and the person whom you're talking can share drawings, and a text chat program. Free1.9MB

EditPad is an excellent text and HTML editor. It's absolutely free although the author would like a postcard from you if you like it.

NoWonder! is an excellent site to get free tech help quickly. This site is a universal tech support wonder--you have Windows or Mac, or UNIX or OS/2, or HTML, and just about anything else.And it's free

BJ Webvertising WebSpinner Popularize your Web site with this site-promotion tool. Free 30 day trial Definitely worth a download!(2.2MB Windows 3.x,95,NT)

Click on the image and send someone a free Digital Postcard

1001 Postcards!

Helptalk Online So you're sick and tired of waiting on hold with tech support for software help? Try this free source of answers to common problems and facts about software bugs.

Recipe-A-Day Need some cooking inspiration? This service emails you a daily recipe. The health-minded lineup includes fat-free substitutions.

GifWizard shrinks your art to fit your webpage whether it's on the web or your hard drive. Nothing to download, it does it all on the web!

Patching Popular Programs

Most mass-market software can benefit from the free updates, patches, and other enhancements available on the World Wide Web. These small changes usually cost nothing but can add or fix important features. A short list for popular software includes:

Windows 95 Updates Microsoft's World Wide Web page includes links to a variety of patches designed to make all aspects of the operating system work better. Unless you have a relatively new copy of Windows 95, there is probably something here for you. A large file of drivers accompanies the multittude of fixes and updates.

Browser fixes In the race for the better Web browser, both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator seem to sometimes take a few shortcuts. Fortunately, the two companies are quick to repair security holes and other problems with free updates. Click on the link to find information for Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Numerology Online brings you serious and personalized information, giving you instant and global understanding of the day ahead.

Free Advertising interNETRACTIVE Small business? Low advertising budget? interNETACTIVE is for you! Links to thousands of places for free advertising on the net.

GetFree E-MAIL LOTTO Play online and win up to $1000!

Download AOL Instant Messenger Free!

Visit the The FUN ZONE Free Online Games and Puzzles.

WordWeb Dictionary/Thesaurus is a powerful free English thesaurus and dictionary. It received the top five star rating in its ZDNet review and is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world.(Win 3.1/Windows 95 4.5MB)Highly Recommended!

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