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adkbeta3.exe 3566K
A Free IBM beta java builder,editor,with applet viewer
Download 1634K
Free Java applet builder, easy to use, with tutorial.

You don't have to be a blackbelt programmer to create your own customized java applets. Give these programs a try!

Anybody can create some funky applets with Anfy.(3.2Mb) Easy to use freeware program for Windows, Mac and Linux lets you work with up to 40 different effects that warp,deform and enhance graphic files.
Anfyteam Homepage
Preview the applets Anfy 3D Version

A Shareware Javascript Editor from SoftSeek (2.25MB)Windows 95/98/NT Go to

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free java applets
Free Applets & source codes 42K
Gives dimensions to build a J pole antenna on any frequency.

Reducer.bas 4K
Dimensions for building antenna reducers and traps.

WinMorph v2.01 is the latest release of WinMorph, a high performance warping and morphing software for Win95/NT 4.0 and above. New features added to this release include bug fixes for the earlier release, plus the Composer, a video editor which can combine many separate morphs, bitmaps and videos into a single movie, with motion and transparency effects, additional options for the built-in AVI movie player and an easier interface. Freeware

More Info WinMorph user forum FTP Download HTTP Download

Utilities 11K
Converts gif files to bmp format so you can edit them with
Windows Paintbrush or another editor.

Note: These file conversion programs are to be used from a
DOS prompt.Example:
"jpg2bmp mypic.jpg" will create the file "mypic.bmp" and will leave the original file, "mypic.jpg" intact. 40K
Converts jpg files to bmp format.
Download converts a BMP file into GIF format. Wildcards may be used, so that several files can be converted in one run. An optional output file or path name may be specified, if is omitted, the output file name will be the same as the input file, with the extension GIF. Windows bitmap files can have 1-, 4-, 8- or 24-bit colour. GIF files cannot encode 24-bit colour, so these bitmaps cannot be converted. This program also cannot process compressed bitmaps. An option is provided to allow the converted file to have one color made transparent.


Virus Jokes
(they're free too...)

Animated Jpeg files? Yep, and it's free. Visit JpegAnim and Download it. (Windows,Mac)

Mapedit Image Map editing software for Windows,Macintosh,Linux & Unix.

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Create animated .gif files with GIFmation.(1,917,298 bytes) For Windows 95/98/NT Download This is a 30 day trial version then you're supposed to register it.

Oscilloscope for windows SCOPE.ZIP (153956 bytes)
Any PC running windows 3.x or higher This program is freeware
and is a very usefull scope that can be used by anyone
with a sound card. it features easy to use controls and
will operate very well on even the slowest PC

Turn your Multimedia PC into a Powerful Real-Time Audio
Spectrum Analyzer.(Windows 3.1/95/98/NT) Download
Back up your CMOS

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get this gear! 35K
Converts BMP's to JPG's.

How to build a G5RV (HTML File)

Hardline Mod(HTML)
If you ever manage to get a roll of 75 ohm CATV hardline, here's how to match it to a 50 ohm antenna and transceiver.

NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site

Text file for modifying various scanners and tranceivers,
The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

10 Element 2 Meter Quagi (HTML)

Diagnostics program that tests your PC's memory,video,drives,periphreals, just about everything else. It bypasses your OS and gives you lots of information about your computers hardware. You can boot your machine with it as well as install it on your hard drive.Highly Recommended Download

RamBooster is an ingeniious little freeware program that sits quitely in your system tray, monitoring RAM usage as you work. When available memory dips below a user-defined level, RamBooster clears out trash from applications you've closed--speeding up performance and helping prevent crashes. According to PC World magazine, it works as well as commercial competitors and is very compact--only 618KB once installed.
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VuePrint Pro allows you to view and print images used with online services and the Internet, such as GIF, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF files. It also offers support for images downloaded from Internet newsgroups (UUencoded images) and email (MIME-Base64 images). Features include thumbnail generation, image slide shows, basic filters, and image editing functions. VuePrint Pro also includes VueIcons, a utility that transforms an image's icon into a thumbnail version of the image, and features a screensaver that cycles through specified images. This version features several enhancements and bug fixes.(700k)Windows 32 bit
I've tried this program and I love it.

Think you can make a better game? Valve recently released Half-Life SDK 2.0 which lets gamers create their own RPGs, strategy games, and even flight sims. Best of all, it's free.
Get more info and download it (11.9 MB)